Collaboration adds strength and insight

Our goal will always be to bring together the best ideas and practices for all members to benefit from. That means collaboration; collaboration with other industry associations and with suppliers. The BCFA will search out the strongest alliances to enhance our members' position in the industry and to supply knowledge and insight into the most current and topical issues we face today and in the future.


BCFA is a member of The Council of Construction Associations (COCA) which represents all major construction associations in British Columbia and acts on behalf of the construction industry in all WorkSafeBC matters.

Our industry contributes about $240 million in assessments to WorkSafeBC – about 20% of WorkSafeBC assessment revenue.

The average assessment rate for the Construction Industry is about half of what it was 20 years ago when COCA began.

COCA represents the interests of the construction Industry in its dealings with the WorkSafeBC. By presenting a unified voice, COCA is able to actively promote issues that are important to the industry as a whole.  The primary role of COCA is focused in three main areas:

  • Developing consensus on construction policy positions, and
  • Addressing legislative, regulatory, policy and practice issues within the workers’ compensation system in BC, and
  • Assisting individual employers, contractors and associations with their WorkSafeBC concerns.

Through our activities, COCA acts as a valuable channel between the construction industry and WorkSafeBC, ensuring that the needs of the industry are addressed effectively.

An independent Board of Directors, drawn from member/partner associations, governs COCA.  The BC Construction Association provides administrative support and acts in capacity of secretariat.

COCA’s membership is comprised of construction and trade associations operating in BC. Members serve on the Board of Directors and various sub-committees to ensure that COCA remains responsive to the changing needs of industry.