Why are BCFA members a better choice for their customers?

When you hire a BCFA member, you’re making a smart decision. You’re removing the guesswork from the hiring process because BCFA members are quality-driven with the backing of an association whose mandate is to ensure that formwork providers are consistent in the delivery of best practices.

All members use a standardized bid checklist to ensure their customers are getting exactly what’s needed to ensure project quality and efficiency. You don’t have to worry someone may be short-cutting their way to winning a tender for your project. This gives you the peace of mind from knowing that your best interests are always at the forefront and your job will be done properly.

Our members care about their work and they care about the construction industry. The BCFA is focused on providing information and education in all areas that affect not only the formwork industry, but the entire construction industry. BCFA members have access to the latest information about industry trends, processes, equipment and safety to ensure they’re providing their customers with leading-edge solutions. Our Better Business Practices initiative ensures that our members have the all tools they need to compete fairly and effectively in today’s fast-paced industry. That means you can count on a BCFA member to be there for the long-term as a vital and thriving business partner.

The BCFA ensures all of its members are well informed about ever-changing industry regulations and we’re active participants in the regulatory review process providing input and insight into the issues impacting the construction industry. Our voice ensures our members are informed up front about any regulatory impact and how it may affect you as a customer. This knowledge assures that there are no surprises on the job site that might affect ongoing work.

Hiring a BCFA member means you’re not just hiring a single company; you’re hiring a committed team that is constantly working to provide superior solutions and solid business practices. Our members are your best bet and your assurance of quality service and results. Today and in the future.